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- Love you so much -
English La canción de Tom Petty Y todo lo que sube... Grandes éxitos y rarezas Phil Seymour 1 Phil Seymour 2 Phil Seymour (Bison Records, 2012) Banda Sonora de la película Fiebre de primavera Banda Sonora Original de El último americano virgen Tercer single de Phil Seymour La canción que lo hizo volar alto... pero no te pierdas la poderosa Baby it's you
PHIL SEYMOUR Boardwalk Records, 1981 01. Precious to Me. + 02. I Found a Love. RB 03. Love You So Much. * 04. Baby It’s You. +/CM 05. Let Her Dance. BF 06. Then We Go Up. * 07. Don’t Blow Your Life Away. - 08. We Don’t Get Along. KV 09. Trying to Get to You. MM/CS 10. I Really Love You. + 11. Won’t Finish Here. - + Bonus Tracks en 2005 12. Looking for the Magic. * 13. How About You. - 14. I’ll Be Waiting. + + Bonus Tracks en 2012 Early Mixs Phil Seymour Archive Series Vol. 1 15. I Found a Love. RB 16. Love You So Much. * 17. Baby It’s You. +/CM 18. Then We Go Up. * 19. Don’t Blow Your Life Away. - 20. We Don’t Get Along. KV 21. I Really Love You. + 22. Won’t Finish Here. - Richard Podolor (productor) Bill Cooper (ingeniero) Phil Seymour (voz, acústicas, batería, percusión y coros). Emory Gordy (bajo). Duane Hitchings (teclados). Richard Podolor (guitarra). Bill Pitcock IV (guitarra). David Crockett (batería) Roger Linn, guitarra solista en I Found a Love y Trying to Get to You. Piano en Trying to Get to You. Teclados en Don’t Blow Your Life Away. Steve Allen, guitarra solista y órgano en Let Her Dance. Ron Flynt, bajo en Let Her Dance y Trying to Get to You. Larry Byrom, guitarra solista en I Really Love You. Teclados en Baby It’s You. Carla Olson, guitarra solista en We Don’t Get Along. Wayne Cook, teclados en Won’t Finish Here.  Grabado en American Recording Studio City, CA (1980) Masterizado en The Mastering Lab Fotografía John Bilecky Catherine Sebastian Gary Nichamin Phil Fewsmith Arte y diseño Christopher Whorf / ART HOTEL Management Saul Davis Reedición en CD por FUEL Records bajo licencia de © (p) S. Davis y R. Podolor
PHIL SEYMOUR 2 Boardwalk Records, 1982 01. Love Reciever. PB/TM/DW 02. Dont Let Dad Find Out. RH/TM/DW 03. Dancing a Dream. COW 04. Surrender. TP 05. Looking for the Magic. * 06. Talk to Me. JA/CF/GP 07. You Give Good Love. TM/HW 08. Suffering. +/JP 09. Better to Me Than You. + 10. Tear up the Night. JR/S PHIL SEYMOUR 2 Fuel Records, 2011 01. Love Receiver. PB/TM/DW 02. Don't Let Daddy Find Out 03. Dancing a Dream. COW 04. Surrender. TP 05. Talk to Me. JA/CF/GP 06. You Give Good Love. TM/HW 07. Suffering. +/JP 08. Better to Me Than You. + 09. Tear Up the Night. JR/S + Bonus tracks grabados 1983-84 Phil Seymour Archive Series Vol. 2 10. Now. JA/PC/CF 11. Maybe It Was Memphis. MA 12. Don't Tell Me That... RE 13. She Left Today. RE 14. Chemistry. SA 15. Teaching Me. PR 16. Telephone Line. PR 17. It's a Shame. +/PR 18. Just Let Her Know. +/PR 19. Gotta Get That Feeling Back. +/PR Richard Podolor (productor) Bill Cooper (ingeniero) Val Garay (mezclas 1982) Bernie Grundman (mastering 1982) Podolor & Cooper (mezclas 2011) Jesse Fishman (mastering 2011) Bryan Garofalo, Jay Davis, Rick Mays (bajos) Craig Krampf, Jerry Polci (baterías) Phil Seymour (voz, coros y guitarra) Duane Hitchings (teclados) Bob Cowsill, Danny Johnson, Frank Glicken, Jeff Rollings, Jimmie Podlor, Richi Podolor (guitarras) Johnny Crispo (percusión) Grabado en American Recording Studio City, CA (1982 - 1983 y 84) C. Sebastian, Frank Gargani (fotos) T. Steele, Chris Whorf (portada) Reedición en CD por FUEL Records bajo licencia de © (p) S. Davis y R. Podolor
PHIL SEYMOUR Bison Records, 2012 01. She's gonna be fine. +/BP 02. You got to love me. +/MO 03. Love letters. +/BP/MO 04. Haven't you torn my... +/BS/MO 05. Love is so contagious. +/BP 06. Three little words. +/BS/MO 07. Easily distracted. +/BP/DWE Publicado por Danny Baker y The Phil Seymour Fan Club Grabadas entre 1990 y 1991 Músicos: Phil Seymour Bob Martin Bob Parker Bingo Sloan
Phil Seymour Un pirata en directo de Phil Seymour con buen sonido
PHIL SEYMOUR LIVE AT GAZARRI’S Pirata, 1981 01. Baby It's You. +/CM 02. Love You So Much. * 03. Won't Finish Here. - 04. Don't Blow Your Life Aways. - 05. Then We Go Up. * 06. Precious to Me. + 07. Let Her Dance. BF 08. Trying to Get to You. MM/CS 09. If You Don't Want My Love. P/PS 10. Baby I Don't Care. JL/MS 11. We Don't Get Along. KV 12. Bony Maronie. LW 13. I Found a Love. RB 14. How About You. - Grabado en directo en 1980 por Radio KMET en el club Gazarri's (Hollywood, CA). Sonido aceptable.
THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN (BSO) Varios Artistas. Columbia, 1982 01. Teen Angel Eyes (Tommy Tutone) 02. De Do Do Do (The Police) 03. Whip It (Devo) 04. When I Find You (Phil Seymour) 05. Better Luck Next Time (O. Boingo) 06. ... Sex Girls? (Gleaming Spires) 07. Since You're Gone (The Cars) 08. I Know What... (The Waitresses) 09. Airwaves (The Fortune Band) 10. I Will Follow (U2) Dirigida por Boaz Davidson En España se estrenó como “El último americano virgen”
WHERE THE BOYS ARE (BSO) Varios Artistas. RCA Records, 1984 01. Hot Nights (Jude Cole) 02. Seven Day Heaven (Shandi) 03. Mini-Skirted (Sparks) 04. Be-Bop-A-Lula (The Rockats) 05. Jenny (Peter Beckett) 06. Where The Boys Are (L. Hartman) 07. Woman's Wise (The Rockats) 08. Girls Night Out (Toronto) 09. Slippin' & Sliddin' (Phil Seymour) 10. All Fired Up (Rick Derringer) Dirigida por Hy Averback En España se estrenó como “Fiebre de primavera”
PHIL SEYMOUR PRECIOUS TO ME (Grandes Exitos) Capitol, 1996 01. Baby It's You. +/CM 02. Let Her Dance. BF 03. Precious To Me. + 04. Never Wanted To Try. GC/CO 05. Darling. JK 06. Come Home. DC/MSM 07. Trying To Find My Baby. * 08. You Were So Warm. * 09. First Mistake I Ever Made. BG 10. Stay With Me. J/GD 11. I Need You. H 12. Save Me. JD/TP 13. Looking For The Magic. * 14. Running. R 15. Just A Matter Of Time. +/CO/GC Este año, EMI se hace con los derechos de Shelter Records y lanza una especie de grandes éxitos y rarezas que pronto fue descatalogado. Se incluyen canciones de los días en que Seymour estuvo con la Dwight Twilley Band y con The Textones, además de algún inédito que quedaba por los cajones de la Shelter. También aparecen dos versiones, "I need you" de The Beatles y "First Mistake I Ever Made" de Bee Gees.
A. PRECIOUS TO ME. + B. BABY IT’S YOU. +/CM Boardwalk Records, 1980. Single A. PRECIOUS TO ME. + B. SUZY GLIDER. * Boardwalk Records, 1981. Single
A. SURRENDER. TP B. BETTER TO ME THAN YOU. + Boardwalk Records, 1982. Single
A. LET HER DANCE. BF B. WE DON’T GET ALONG. KV Boardwalk Records, 1981. Single
A. TALK TO ME. JA/CF/GP A. TALK TO ME Boardwalk Records, 1982. Single Sencillo con doble cara A y nueva grabación de voces.
+. Phil Seymour *. Dwight Twilley -. Bill Pitcock BF. Bobby Fuller BG. Barry Gibb BP. Bob Parker BS. Bingo Sloan CB. Chuck Berry CF. Chris Fradkin CM. Curtis Mayfield CO. Carla Olson COW. Bob Cowsill COW. Paul Cowsill CS. Charlie Singleton CW. Chris White DC. Dave Clark DEL. Del Shannon DP. Doc Pomus DWE. David White DW. Debbie Wright GC. George Callins GD. George David Weiss GR. Gary Robertson H. George Harrison HOL. Brian Holland HOL. Eddie Holland HW. Howard Wolen J. Jerry Ragovoy JA. Joey Alkes JD. Joe Droukas
JK. Jelinek JL. Jerry Leiber JP. Jimmie Podlor JR. Jeff Rollings JS. John Sebastian KV. Katy Valentine LM. Lamont Dozier LW. Larry Williams MA. Michael Anderson MC. Maron McKenzie MM. Rose Marie McCoy MO. Marco Ogden MS. Mike Stoller MSH. Mike Smith P. John Prine PB. P.R. Battle PC. Peter Case PR. Pat Robinson PS. Phil Spector R. Joe Russo RB. Robert Blessas RD. Ray Davies RE. Rick Elias RH. Ralph Hammer S. Shandi SA. Steve Allen SH. Mort Shuman TM. Terry Mace TP. Tom Petty
POPTOPIA. POWER POP OF THE ‘80s Varios Artistas. Rhino Records, 1997 Phil Seymour aparece en este buen disco con el tema “Baby it’s you”, junto a bandas como The Romantics, Bangles, Hoodoo Gurus, The Plimsouls... 18 canciones y la suya está en un privilegiado segundo lugar en el tracklist.
The London and L.A. Unreleased Sessions In Concert!
PHIL SEYMOUR IN CONCERT! Phil Seymour Archive Series Vol. 3 Airline Records, 2014 Disco 1   01. My Baby Left Me   02. Live Is Like An Itchin' In My Heart   03. Baby, Come Back   04. Looking For The Magic   05. You're My Lover   06. Trying To Get To You   07. Do I Love You   08. When I Write This Book   09. Baby It's You   10. Come What May   11. Can't Hurry Love   12. Let Her Dance Disco 2   01. Baby Its You   02. Love You So Much   03. Won't Finish Here   04. Don't Blow Your Life Away   05. Then We Go Up   06. Precious To Me   07. Let Her Dance   08. Trying To Get To You   09. If You Don't Want My Love   10. (You're So Square), Baby, I Don't Care   11. We Don't Get Along   12. I Found A Love Saul Davis (productor) Brad Gilderman (masterización) Phil Seymour (voz) Phil Jost (guitarra y teclados) Bill Pitcock IV (guitarra) Danny Roberts (guitarra) Bingo Sloan (guitarra) Carl Sealove (bajo) Michael Ostendorf (bajo) Robbie Armstrong (batería) David Crockett (batería) Theresa Kereakes (fotografía) Robert Matheu (fotografía) Catherine Sebastian (fotografía) Rebecca Baltutis (arte y diseño) Disco 1 grabado en directo en The Hong Kong Cafe (Los Angeles, 1979) Disco 2 grabado en directo en Gazzarri's (Hollywood, 1980). Esta grabación ha circulado como pirata bajo el título de LIVE AT GAZARRI'S
PHIL SEYMOUR THE LONDON AND LOS ANGELES UNRELEASED SESSIONS Phil Seymour Archive Series Vol. 4 Sunset Blvd Records, 2016 01. Who'll Be the Next in Line. RD 02. Baby's a Rock 'n' Roller. TP 03. Love Is Like an Itchin' in My Heart. LM/HOL 04. Looking for the Magic. * 05. Save Me. TP 06. Dancing a Dream. COW 07. Only in My Mind. SA 08. Surrender. TP 09. His Latest Flame. DP/SH 10. Talkin' About You. CB 11. Love Is Like an Itchin' in My Heart. LM/HOL 12. Little Town Flirt. MC/DEL 13. I Love You. CW 14. Didn't Want to Have to Do It. JS Greg Penny (productor) Denny Cordell (productor) Jesse Fishman (masterización) Phil Seymour (voces, batería y armónica) Chris Spedding (guitarra y bajo) Ron Flynt (bajo y piano) Steve Allen (guitarra) Robert Matheu (fotografía) Rebecca Baltutis (arte y diseño) Saul Davis (director de la serie) Rarezas inéditas hasta ahora, grabadas en 2 sesiones durante el año 1978 entre su salida de la Dwight Twilley Band y la aparición de su primer álbum en solitario. CD · Spotify & Amazon Streaming
Sylvester OST
SYLVESTER (BSO) Varios Artistas. MCA Records, 1985 01. Just A Matter Of Time * 02. It's Okay (The Textones) 03. Break Away (Gail Davies) 04. Just Like Roses (Cruzados) 05. Big Time Loser (Cruzados) 06. Te Dejo En San Antonio (Los Lobos) 07. Timeless Love (Rank & File) Dirigida por Tim Hunter * Escrita por Carla Olson, George Callins, Tom Jr. Morgan, Joe Read y Phil Seymour Interpretado por The Textones Voz: Phil Seymour PUEDES OIRLO AQUÍ
Phil Seymour - Prince of Power Pop
PHIL SEYMOUR PRINCE OF POWER POP HIS VERY BEST Phil Seymour Archive Series Vol. 5 Ace Records, 2017 01. Baby it's you 02. Precious to me 03. I really love you 04. Then we go up 05. Don't blow your life away 06. Love you so much 07. How about you 08. Suzie Glider 09. Now 10. Maybe it was Memphis 11. Dancing a dream 12. Better to me than you 13. Teaching me 14. Don't take your love away 15. Fade away 16. Baby it's you 17. I found a love 18. Let her dance 19. Looking for the magic 20. We don't get along 21. Stand back and take a good look 22. You can't hurry love 23. Love is like an itching in my heart 24. I'll be waiting Todas las canciones en Estéreo 14 a 24 no editadas previamente The Phil Seymour Archive Series · Volume 5 Compilado por Dave Burke, Bill Cooper, Saul Davis & Richard Podolor Textos por Dave Burke Proyecto coordinado por Mick Patrick Masterizado por Nick Robbins en Sound Mastering Ltd Diseño por Paul Jeffrey Foto portada por Catherine Sebastian Los copyrights de estas grabaciones son de (p) Richard Podolor / Saul Davis y están licenciados para Ace Records Ltd Esta compilación (p) y © 2017 Ace Records Ltd Big Beat Records